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Embellish your personal effects with these personable keyrings.

Personalised Letter Keyring with Gold Filigree

SKU: RT3006202206
Select colour for texture
Select vinyl colour for alphabet
  • Hand-painted texture with gold filigree and custom vinyl print on acrylic and mini-tassel keyring.

    1. All crafts are produced between 2 - 5 working days including most public holidays, unless otherwise stated. Ribbons & Twines will inform all customers in advance if they are expecting an extended production time.  
    2. Ribbons & Twines will advise all customers beforehand if an extended production time is required.  
    3. Ribbons & Twines deliver both local and internationally.  
    4. Each pieces of Ribbons & Twines merchandise are hand-crafted and slight variations may occur.  
    5. Ribbons & Twines reserves to protect customers from allergens from organic sources (e.g. fresh flowers), thus all floral embellishments and decorative features are artificial.
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