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Photo Booth

The Experience

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Simulate Polaroid style pictures and snap at your heart’s content with our built-in photo app featuring custom design templates, photo ‘stickers’ and GIF animations!

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The Nomad is uniquely designed as a standalone photo booth wtih zero cable management, providing everyone ample space and freedom to interact with the booth.

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Receive an exclusive access to our cloud storage for your photos, and instantly share your best moments on Instagram or other social media platforms.

The Art of Excelsior

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A virtual escapade.

Delight in the most seamless photo booth experience digitally. Everyone will enjoy endless snaps of their candid moments in various digital formats and styles at the touch of a tablet.

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Practical and efficient.

With an effortless set up in minutes, the Nomad also boasts its user-friendly photo application and photos are instantly stored in a dedicated cloud server. The Nomad tier crowns as the most simple yet dynamic photo booth experience at an affordable rate. 

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Digital design kit.

Download our exclusive Design Kit and explore a wide variety of vividly designed photo templates or go beyond and personalise your designs according to your preferences.



Broadcast and share your event experiences live on social media. We design an assortment of customisable branded template designs, including options for animations, GIFs, still-motions and photo filters. 

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