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Photo Booth

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The Experience

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Imagine 1001 different ways to express yourself in front of the camera. Have your guests indulge in unlimited, studio quality photo sessions that are produced and printed instantly with every snap.

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Download our exclusive Design Kit and explore a wide variety of vividly designed photo templates and backdrops, or go beyond and personalise your designs according to your preferences.

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Our pleasant crew members will assist in the initial set-up of the booth. They will usher in the guests and provide assistance and warm welcomes to guests during the photo sessions, and post-event teardowns.

The Art of Excelsior

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Delivering the best image quality.

Discover the best range of fully fledged, professional DSLR camera models. We are consistently augmenting our image quality, with state-of-the-art features and capabilities from the latest brands that the industry has to offer.

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Studio grade lighting.

Lighting is a key factor in creating a compelling photograph; with the right tone, mood and atmosphere. Receive the best studio quality lighting effects in accordance to your preference and budget.  

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Led by creative visionaries.

We design, grade and perform our products and services by professionals with at least a decade of experience in the creative field. 

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